peek in

Stop explaining, show.

Peek in shows you what your users are doing in real time, so your support team always knows what's going on.

Instant integration with
  • Livechat
  • Intercom
  • Zopim

Offering support with Peek in

Watch your users as they browse your site.

Instantly open up any user’s screen and see in real time what they are doing, including clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements.

Ensure your users don't get stuck and are able to use your app, and avoid losing them.

Chat with an added sense.

Most people are not very good at giving technical explanations. Seeing their screen is the best way to quickly identify the issue.

Stop wasting your support team’s time by allowing them to identify the problem before the user finishes typing.

  • Livechat
  • Olark
  • Intercom
  • Zopim

Point them in the right direction.

Pointing to something is the simplest form of communication. Don't waste time explaining, show.

Your users will understand what they have to do with unprecedented ease, making them happier in less time.

We’ve been testing Peek in internally for a couple of months and it has made an incredible difference in how we offer support to our customers on our other products.

Seeing your users in real time is eye-opening and invaluable.


Taking security seriously

Limited to the browser

Differently from other screen-sharing solutions, Peek in is limited the browser, and to your own site, so your user's personal data is secure.

Passwords and sensitive data

Your users' passwords are never recorded and you can easily stop Peek in from recording your user's input in places like credit card forms.

For your eyes only

We never share your or your users' data with anyone—in fact, we don't even record it. Team management helps you keep your account safe.

Frequently asked

Is it easy to set up?

Peek in only takes minutes to set up. You will only need to add a small javascript snippet into your page's HTML.

How many users can I watch?

Peek in is highly scalable—so much so that there is no hard limit on the number of pageviews you can have.

Is there anything to install?

No, Peek in runs entirely in the browser so there is nothing that needs to be installed. Peek in works with all major browsers.

Is it really free?

We are still investigating how we can build the best possible product, so we are keeping Peek in free until we exit beta.

Will my users notice anything?

No, because Peek in is limited to your own website we don't display any notification to your users.

Will it work with my website?

Peek in works with all kinds of websites, including complex angular or react web apps.

You're minutes away from

  • Faster customer support service

    Peek in allows you to identify your users’ problems faster.

  • Happier customers

    You’ll be able to help them before they get frustrated.

  • Seeing what’s driving your users away

    Monitor multiple users and identify common issues.

  • Finally understanding your users

    Nothing beats seeing your users to understand them.

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